You Have To Win The Game

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Game Reviews
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 Action, Adventure, Indie, Platformer
Publisher: Pirate Hearts
Release Date: May 2, 2012

You have to win the game… no really, you have too. It seems as if thats the only point of this 8 bit adventure by Pirate Hearts but really, there’s so much more. The game is simple enough, but complex beyond anything you could fathom, and may leave you lying dead in your bathtub come morning. With that being said, You Have to Win the Game is great. Reminiscent of the MS DOS genre of video games from the 80’s with the retro feel of playing Atari saturday morning, You Have to Win the Game brings all of that and more to the table.

I first encountered this game in the Steam Greenlight forums and looked a little deeper when I saw the words “Free To Play.” After downloading YHTWTG it sat in my download folder for weeks before I actually tried it, but when I did, it changed my life. Normally simple games like these catch my eye, I play for 10 minutes and the game is dead to me afterwards, but this one was different. This one called to me, randomly, I would find myself clicking on the icon and I would quickly get lost in the games nostalgia.

Plagued by the notion that I had to win the game, I decided I wouldn’t let this game get the best of me, and I vowed to complete it. At first glance it doesn’t seem as if YHTWTG is hard, and might just be your simple everyday platformer… What’s that they say about judging a book by its cover? I was wrong, dead wrong, this game takes a sincere amount of thought and intuitiveness to complete.

With no storyline other than having to win the game, you set out with NO IDEA of what exactly it is that you have to do. Its your standard platformer out of the 8 bit era, with a great retro feel, and reminded me a lot of Kid Icarus for NES. There are no monsters to fight, only a few to avoid while you have to make a series of hard and precise jumps in order to move forward to the next screen. Each screen is also appropriately named for what you may encounter while on your quest to winning the game. It might be a catchphrase, one liner or an obscure saying depending where you are in the level.

You Have To Win The Game is loaded with hours of gameplay, power ups, and special abilities that will all aid you on your adventure. Beating this game with a 100% completion rating is more satisfying than that after sex cigarette, and should be played at least once by any serious indie gamer.

Graphics: 5/10
Playability: 7/10
Story: 1/10
Challenge: 8/10
Replay Value: 6/10 (3.01 MB)


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