Risk Of Rain

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Game Reviews

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Genre: Action, Indie, Platformer, RPG
Publisher: Chucklefish
Release Date: November 8, 2013

With an array of mutant and alien characters to choose from, this roguelike RPG from Chucklefish is creative from every aspect. Risk of Rain blends pixellated animation with a soundtrack that is like none other. The all original music reminds me of a metal opera, and drips with emotion like the blood of your enemies laying in your wake. This game is much more than it appears, far more complex than it seems, Risk of Rain is a fast paced adventure that everyone can enjoy.

When I first started to look into this game all I could think was Under The Garden. I remembered it from playing it in a free indie bundle a while back. Graphics engine wise, its almost exact, but to me that isn’t a bad thing. Because with Risk of Rain, they took something cool, and made it even better. Once it was available on Steam I bought it and began to play. At first, I really liked the feel and aesthetics, the music seemed to blend perfectly with the gameplay. 10 different characters to choose from, you begin as the Commando and from there trust me, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Risk of Rain is one of those games that caught my eye because of its unique pixel art and intriguing gameplay. Something that I’ve always said in the past is that the game in review is hard, but trust me, even if you were to choose easy these monsters get tougher with every second that passes.

Risk of Rain is an action platformer with roguelike elements. With permanent death as a primary feature, players will have to play their best to get as far as possible. Fight on a mysterious planet with randomly spawning enemies and bosses, either alone or with 3 friends in online co-op. With over 100 items at your disposal, you will find the tools you need to find the teleporter back home. Discover a myriad of randomly chosen stages, from the desolate forest to the frozen tundra. The game begins with a transport and delivery ship flying through space. Then suddenly, its attacked by some superhuman being and taken over, exploding into pieces leading you to the main menu.

Ten different characters with 4 different special abilities a piece, gives this game the potential for endless fun. Throw in a multi-player option and enter the word infinite, because there is no end to the game as it only repeats over and over again until YOU die, and trust me, you will. The main goal in Risk of Rain is to find the teleporter and get the hell out of dodge, but not without taking down every creature that inhabits each planet you are beamed too. The RPG aspect kicks in when it comes to gaining levels. You do this by killing every living thing you come across. The higher your level the more health and power you are given. Different power ups are scattered throughout the levels and some need to be purchased. This is done with the gold you collect from each monsters death. You can active robotic sprites that follow you around and help you fight the monsters around you, but once the robot takes too much damage you must pay to repair it, or leave it behind.

As time progresses and you level up so do all the enemies in each level, giving each stage a sense of urgency. This is where your power up items come into play. In Risk of Rain there are two different kinds of items you can pick up. One of them being the items that are constantly on and working like Firesheild which causes the player to detonate when under heavy attack. The other kind of items are ones that only can be used every 30-90 seconds. An example of one of these items would be Missile Box which sends out 16 missiles to hunt down enemies. These “action” items are an important part of gameplay and essential to making it through later levels.

Incredible gameplay, intriguing graphics, Risk of Rain is a ton of fun to play.So many different options and weapons with each character sets the game aside from most rougelikes. Musically, this is one of those games that I didn’t turn all the sound levels down the second I turned the game on. Reason being, is that this is one of those rare occasions where the music is as good as the gameplay. When it comes down to it in the end, Risk of Rain is an amazing game that will provide hours and hours of fun. If you haven’t gotten the chance to pick this gem up make sure you do during the next sale on Steam, because Risk of Rain is one of my favorite games of 2013.

Graphics: 7/10
Playability: 8/10
Story: 4/10
Challenge: 7/10
Replay Value: 8/10

(FREE DEMO) http://www.indiedb.com/games/risk-of-rain/downloads/risk-of-rain-demo-v101 (18.47mb)


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