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Why is it that with almost 170 games in my Steam library I am unable to find a game to play? It’s like an age-old problem if you really think about it. I remember it plaguing me when I was young, probably 5 years old playing my first Nintendo. I had maybe 20-30 games because my brother had his own system he would bring over on the weekends to play as well, but it would always be the same problem. I never could find something I wanted to play. Sure I had Super Mario Bros 3, and that was always my old go to, but even sometimes that wouldn’t be enough. I had games like Zelda, Mega Man, Rad Racer and several other popular titles of the time, but it was always the same problem, I never could find anything that called to me.


Later years provided other systems, more games, more options, but still, I would look at them and find no interest in what their was before me. This put a damper on my gaming for a long time, because the last official system I asked for and wanted during its release time was a Playstation. After the original Playstation I didn’t buy anymore gaming systems, it’s really almost like I didn’t want to play at all anymore. Music had found its way into my life and I was learning how to build computers and everything about them inside and out, surfing the internet in the late 90s early 2000s, building my music library.

It really wasn’t until I played Counter Strike 1.6 for the first time that I actually got back into social gaming. I bought a computer specifically so that I could play Counter Strike with my friends and talk shit to opposing players. Throughout my last 10 almost 11 years on Steam, I put easily 1000 hours into just that game. To some that’s really nothing, but having a job and kids and finding that time isn’t easy.


It was really at this point that I shied away from actual game systems all together. Other than staying true to my love of the retro, I ONLY bought computer based games at this point on in my life. Once I was introduced to Diablo 2, my life changed, along with my sleep pattern. I remember times having 5 people set up with computers in my living room all playing Diablo. Now this is where I want to mention in the whole perplexity of this my next problem. Game kicks. Times when I just focus on one game and that game only playing it to the point of oblivion. Counter Strike, my first addiction because of the sheer amount of time I put into the game alone. Diablo 2 being the second, and I am all but sure every gamer reading this can say the same.

Now this is where my gap begins. Maybe 3 years where I didn’t do much gaming at all other than on my retro systems. This was mainly to my involvement of a shop ran at a local flea market that dealt mainly in early gaming. I still owned a computer and played CS from time to time, but I was recording a lot of music, and World of Warcraft somehow didn’t really interest me like it had captivated so many others. I jumped back on Steam around 2010 and started building a small library of games. At this time Steam was evolving into the mega company it is today, and I admittedly liked the way it was going.

Lets just jump to today. Wednesday January 21st 2015. I’ve bought over 150 games on Steam to date and am still buying more. But always still have this same problem. I just can’t find a game to play. I didn’t even want to mention Dota2 as it’s a virus, plague, epidemic¬†that will eventually spread across the world… Anyway, I have all these games, but never feel the urge to just play one. I recently started a campaign in Super Mario RPG with a friend, and played for over 10 hours into the game, having a great time. But just sitting here, by myself with a cup of coffee, I just can’t find the ambition to play. I know I’m not the only one, and wont be the last.


I wish Steam had a game randomizer¬†or something like that where I didn’t have to choose the game but Steam chose it for me. Either way, I guess what I’m trying to get at is I just can’t make up my mind with all of the games I have before me. Sometimes I wish it was as easy as being 5 years old with only 20 games to choose from. Now, with literally almost EVERYTHING at my fingertips, it makes it almost virtually impossible to choose.